In a Calming Sea of Blue Fingerless Gloves

26 January 2008 | by Jen in Knit & Crochet, Movies & Books


Last night I attempted to work on the skirt part of my Twinkle sweater when I realized that as a first time cable-maker, I could not keep track of the stitches — crossing, going left, going right… GACK! — AND watch TV at the same time. Poo. So I decided to finish up my fingerless gloves.

I tested this pattern Kalurah just posted in her Etsy shop a few nights ago. Then I decided to rip them out to make them smaller to fit my micro-hands. (I wear a ring size 4.5 or 5.) {To make the smaller size, simply use an “I” hook instead of a “J.” (Kalurah mentions this in the pattern.) Also, I made the top part — the palm, above the thumb — shorter; that is something you can experiment with once you get to that point.}

Time just flew by. And can I just tell you, these are the perfect in front of the TV, cozy under the blanket, stash-busting project. (Seen here in Lion Brand Wool-Ease, in Seaspray.)

The pattern is easy to follow but not in the least bit dull – and the end result is SO satisfying. The part that got me stumped: choosing the buttons! Gosh, which ones? I picked a couple of matching vintage glass buttons with gold details.

Hmm, these gloves kinda remind me of the ones that Cate Blanchett wore in “Notes on a Scandal.”

Can you see them? Fuzzy dusty aqua blue with a brown ribbon…

How ’bout here:

Ok, not the best pictures but you get the idea. Or, just rent the movie! I have a hard time recommending movies that I find really disturbing but Cate Blanchett is great and Judy Dench had me mesmerized. And Cate’s costumes are wonderful. Her character looks as though she frequents Anthropologie and antique shops and, of course, knits.

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  • At 2008.01.26 13:02, kalurah said:

    Oh gosh. *blushing*BR/I LOVE the color you went with! They are beautiful on you!BR/And the button is gorgeous.BR/Actually, I’m beginning to really like them with the straight edge! :)

    • At 2008.01.26 17:00, craftdaisy said:

      I love these mitts and am thinking of purchasing the pattern. I also wear a size 5 ring so I would be interested to hear what modifications you made to make the mitts smaller. What yarn did you use? I love the color and it looks so soft!

      • At 2008.01.26 19:47, jen said:

        kalurah,BR/seriously, this is a GREAT pattern!BR/BR/craftdaisy,BR/BR/please see the post – i added my mods in red!

        • At 2008.01.29 14:01, Betsey said:

          Those are so fabulous. Thanks for the pattern link.

          • At 2008.02.03 17:25, Maxi said:

            Saw your post and just had to buy the pattern! I am all done with mine – had the opposite issue as you – I am 5’11″ – ring size 10 – I am a tall girl with long, long fingers! So, I did some modifications too. My crochet skills are not up to yours! I still need the right buttons and then I will post mine. Thanks again for sharing!

            • At 2008.03.02 06:55, rebekka said:

              Oh, my gosh…..Love the gloves and the movie. Definitely gorgeous. BR/BR/xoBR/Rebekka

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