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02 April 2012 | by Jen in Sewing

Oddly enough I’ve started making a coat.  The past few years spring has been relatively mild and drawn out so I don’t think it’s too late to make one.  It’s not a heavy coat anyway.  It’s a dark greyish-brown (seal brown?) cotton velvet that will be lined in a matching jacquard fabric (though the sleeves will be lined in a contrasting fabric, probably some kind of silk).  Surprisingly the coat fits my dress form which is about 2″ bigger in the bust but again, it’ll be lined and worn over other clothes.  I’ve tried it on with the sleeves sewn in and when I crossed my arms there was a comfortable amount of fabric in the back…I wouldn’t want it any tighter.  We’ll see.

So, the sleeves.  I’ve had some issues with setting in the sleeves, especially with the alterations I made (naturally), but then remembered (from my costuming days) that I should hang the sleeves on the form and pin where I think they should go (like shown).  Then slipstitch them on and try on again for fit.  So far that technique is working out much better.

The pattern is Vogue V8211 (out of print).  As you can see I’ve completely omitted the middle section.  The torso on the pattern is so long, and mine is quite short, there would be a lot of fiddling–and I don’t like that!  So, buh-bye midsection.  And the collar will be different too, something twenties-inspired that I’ve already started drafting.

Another sewing project I’m working on, Butterick 5076:

A 1930s juniors’ dress.  Folks, I love this pattern.  I haven’t had to do a lot to make this work which is great.  It’s not a true bias cut but some of the pieces’ edges are cut diagonally on the grain; I basted the pieces together and am letting the dress hang for a couple of days.  Oh well, not the instant gratification I was hoping for!   But if all works out I can see making more from this from the nice, drape-y floral fabrics in my stash.  These frocks would be perfect paired with wooly cardigans and clogs or Mary Janes.

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  • At 2012.04.03 07:40, lsaspacey said:

    Oooh, so loving how the coat is looking! The fit looks perfect and that fabric is divine, I can almost feel it. The dress is lovely too, are you doing the one with the collar?

    I ended up scrapping the pattern for my moleskin duster coat, there would be too many changes to make. The only thing I’m keeping is the length and neckline; though even that will be lowered, so pretty much just the silhouette.

    • At 2012.04.04 10:29, Jen said:

      Thank you! I’m doing plain short sleeves for the dress; the pattern came with a “foundation sleeve” for view A (which is 2 layers, 1 with slashes like a Renaissance sleeve) that I’ll use.

      Yea, once you get to a certain # of changes in a pattern you’ve got to question if it’s worth it and sometimes simpler is better!

    • At 2012.04.07 13:20, Andrea said:

      The coat is going to be lovely. Is that cotton velveteen? It’d be a lovely fit-n-flare on you.

      The dress is adorable! Made in silk charmeuse and turning the pouf sleeves into long petal sleeves would be fun. I’m sorely tempted to ask you for a copy! ^_^

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