Mermaid Shawlette is Nearly Done, Or, I Can Start a New Project Guilt-Free

28 October 2013 | by Jen in Knit & Crochet

I started this project over a year ago!   I recently finished up the knitting part (with the sore wrists to prove it) and all I need to do is block it.  I’ve read several comments on Ravelry where knitters have had to “aggressively” block it.  I’m pretty sure I know what that means but cannot help but imagine an out of control shawl that needs to be man-handled and subdued and stuck with a million pins to get it to calm down.  Hopefully it won’t be quite that dramatic.  (I’ve never done any “real” blocking before and find myself a little bit at a loss.  I don’t think I have the supplies needed.)

As far as I’m concerned though I’m done and free to move on to another knitted project.  I told myself I could not start another until this shawl was off my needles.  See, I do finish stuff (sort of).  I’ve got some things queued up though I have not settled on the order yet.  I really want a cardigan to wear that I’m happy with and that I can wear all the time.

Anyone knitting/crocheting something right now?  Or have projects in the queue?

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  • At 2013.10.31 22:48, lindsay said:

    beautiful yarn color

    • At 2013.11.06 05:54, Nancy said:

      The yarn you used looks nice. I use a wet towel and steam t knitting and then pin out to measurements on another towel until it is dry. I have never invested in boards. Sometimes I wet block on the sink rather then steam but I like steaming better.
      I am knitting Ysolda Teague’s Blank Canvas and just finished a pair of wrist earners with Oak leaves.

      • At 2013.11.06 10:17, Jen said:

        Thanks for the tips, Nancy! I’ve gotten away with doing minimal blocking before but I don’t think I can for this lace. It’s a new learning experience.

        Funny, I just favorited Blank Canvas recently!

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